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Hi! My Name is Jonathan Glaser. Welcome to Smart Profits Online.

Inside this blog, you're going to get learn how to make money online, even if you've never made a dime before. I am constantly searching for new ways to expand my online business and once I find a method or software that works and makes my life easier, I share it, so others can enjoy the same success!

I started my online journey 5 years ago as a cook in a 4 star restaurant. I was traveling 2 hours to and from work and then putting in 10 hours days, leaving little time to spend with my two little girls who are my world! 

So, I knew I had to do something different, because I was exhausted with life and the direction I was headed. A friend introduced me to his business and I knew right away, it was the path I was looking for to lead me out of my current funk.

I set to work and learned as much as I could. Failing and then failing some more, until I reached my breakthorugh, which was affiliate marketing and eventually CPA marketing and been doingit ever since and getting better daily!

Smart Profits Online is my way of giving back!

Onwards and upwards.